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Treatment programmes will be ‘hands-on’ and designed to meet your individual needs and capabilities.   Whether it entails strengthening, stretches, correcting muscle imbalances or stabilising joints.  Specific treatments will rarely be used in isolation to achieve the desired results.  These include:

MOBILISATIONS: used to decrease pain by restoring joint movement and lubricating joints

STRETCHES: improve function of a muscle group and are used to increase the range of movement within your joint, by stretching soft tissue elements surrounding the joints

ELECTROTHERAPY: use of electrical equipment and specific frequencies, applied to a region to promote healing, decrease pain, swelling, inflammation – such as ultrasound and interferential unit

COMBINED MOVEMENTS: the use of naturally occurring combined movements of a joint to vary the mechanical stress which travels through it

SOFT TISSUE RELEASE: used to reduce muscle tension and decrease ‘over activity’ of a muscle group

MET: muscle energy technique. Changes the tone/activity of a muscle group to aid pain relief/mobilisation of a joint and restore function

TAPING: aid treatment and prevention of injury


Advice on management of a condition, or if referral to another speciality, or scan is required will be discussed where appropriate.  

The initial appointment will last up to 1 hour to assess and diagnose a condition.  Treatment will also commence in this first visit.  Please arrive a few minutes early to fill in any required forms to make the most of your session time.


Follow up treatments last around half an hour and will build upon, and progress the recovery and rehabilitation process.